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One of the most widely used nutrients in IV therapy is vitamin C. This vitamin has been studied for its beneficial actions in cancer treatment for over 25 years. It has been shown that at high doses, vitamin C is preferentially cytotoxic (destructive) to tumour cells, yet spares healthy tissue. A recent 2013 article demonstrated the safety and efficacy of high-dose vitamin C therapy in patients with pancreatic cancer who were concurrently receiving chemotherapy medications. The IV therapy protocol group had a survival time that was double that of standard treatment alone!

Also, this therapy has been shown to improve quality of life for breast cancer patients  and reduce inflammation markers, which is important for a better prognosis. The same trial showed that IV vitamin C decreased tumour markers in 77% of prostate cancer patients and 73% of breast cancer patients. 

Recent scientific papers have also concluded that IV Vitamin C does not interfere with the effectiveness of chemotherapy and in fact can reduce the side effects for those receiving conventional medical therapies.

A Vitamin C IV is also highly recommended immediately after the removal of amalgam dental fillings. Several research studies have indicated that Vitamin C is able to bind the mercury present in amalgam fillings, and safely chelate (remove) it from the body.

Key Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C (25-100gr)

  • Calcium, magnesium and potassium for electrolyte balance

*At Timeless Health Clinic, we utilize this treatment as part of our comprehensive Cancer Care Program. Please note that a specific blood work test is required prior to starting High Dose Vitamin C IV. Please call us for more details.

This service is covered by many extended health insurance plans. Call us today to learn more!