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breast cancer care


Integrative Breast Cancer Care in Toronto

With breast cancer rates increasing, there is a growing need for holistic care for breast cancer patients. Our center is staffed by Naturopathic Doctors trained in integrative cancer care, and our goal is to safely provide natural breast cancer care to reduce treatment side effects and improve quality of life as patients progress through your cancer treatment. Following treatment completion, our goal is to help reduce risk of cancer recurrence. Some of the most popular therapies that women are interested in include: mistletoe therapy for breast cancer and IV vitamin C for breast cancer, both of which are offered at the clinic. 

Benefits of Integrative Breast Cancer Care: 

  1. Reducing common side effects of chemotherapy drugs used for breast cancer such as nausea/vomiting, peripheral neuropathy (numbness/tingling in hands and feet), fatigue, low blood cell counts, mouth sores, hair loss, weight gain, hot flashes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis 

  2. Reducing common side effects of radiation therapy for breast cancer such as fatigue and dermatitis 

  3. Speeding up healing and reducing excess scar tissue formation after lumpectomy/mastectomy procedures 

  4. Providing evidence-based strategies to reduce risk of breast cancer recurrence after conventional therapy is complete 

  5. Supporting quality of life and mental-emotional health during and after a diagnosis of breast cancer 

  6. Ensuring that there are no negative interactions between any natural health product you are taking and your conventional cancer treatment. Your safety is our #1 priority. 


Our Integrative Breast Cancer Care Protocols Include: 

Mistletoe IV Therapy for Breast Cancer: 

The use of mistletoe therapy is quite prevalent in Germany and other parts of Europe but it has also been gaining popularity in North America. Mistletoe therapy is safe to use during breast cancer treatment and it has been shown to improve immune system functioning in people with breast cancer, which is one of our most important anti-cancer defenses. In women with breast cancer, mistletoe can also enhance quality of life by improving cognitive functioning, nausea/vomiting, pain, emotional functioning/mood, and digestive function. Some research has also shown that mistletoe may have an overall survival benefit. 

High Dose Vitamin C IV for Breast Cancer: 

High dose intravenous vitamin C (IVC) has an anti-cancer effect by specifically targeting cancer cells. It is administered through IV because it is impossible to achieve doses high enough to have an anti-cancer effect if taken by mouth. It has a very good safety profile and is well tolerated by most patients. In breast cancer, IVC may help to improve cancer-related symptoms and various treatment side effects. 

Nutritional/Herbal Supplementation for Breast Cancer: 

During breast cancer treatment, your safety is our #1 priority. That means any nutritional/herbal supplements we choose for you will not interact with your conventional cancer treatment. Various nutritional/herbal supplements may help to prevent side effects during breast cancer treatment or reduce their severity so that you can maintain a good quality of life and continue your prescribed cancer treatment without any dose delays/reductions. The nutritional/herbal supplements we choose for you will also help to support your body’s natural anti-cancer defenses by supporting immune function, reducing inflammation, and helping with hormonal balance, to name a few. Following treatment, we may also recommend some supplements to be taken long term (i.e. 1 or more years) to help reduce risk of recurrence.  

Breast Cancer Diet/Lifestyle Coaching: 

Key dietary and lifestyle changes are integral parts of an integrative breast cancer care protocol. Research has shown that specific ways of eating and certain foods have anti-breast cancer effects and may help to reduce risk of breast cancer recurrence following treatment completion. 

Exercise is another key lifestyle change that we incorporate into our treatment plans. All exercise recommendations are tailored to your current level of physical fitness and your preferences. Given that research shows exercise has tremendous anti-cancer effects, we strongly encourage our patients to find physical activities they enjoy and treat exercise like their medicine! 

Integrative Cancer Care Toronto Residents Trust

Timeless Health Clinic is committed to the most cutting-edge - yet safe -  practices in holistic care. We're constantly doing our research to improve our Holistic Cancer Care Program. We work together with our patients to make a comprehensive plan that ensures a clear roadmap towards optimal health goals

This service is covered by many extended health insurance plans. Call us today to learn more!

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