Skin Lightening

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Natural Skin Lightening Treatments

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Glutathione IV 

Skin-Lightening IV

Referred to as the "Beyonce Injection", this skin-whitening and lightening  treatment is famous for its skin brightening effects. This creates a brighter, more even skin tone and that famous celebrity "Glutathione Glow". Your first IV treatment includes an assessment by one of our specially trained Naturopathic Doctors.


Glutathione Glow

Skin-Lightening Injection

If you’re looking for a quick skin lightening treatment, our glutathione injection provides a 400 mg dose of glutathione that is directly absorbed by your body. Uncover the bliss of natural skin whitening and brightening with glutathione’s melanin-inhibititing powers.

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Our skin lightening facial combines glutathione and other nourishing treatments to brighten and evens-out skin tone and texture, reducing sun spots and pigmentation and bringing out a healthy radiance and glow.

Skin-Lightening Facial Treatment Includes: 

  • Diamond microdermabrasion

  • Extractions

  • Green light LED photorejuvenation

  • Needle-less mesotherapy with glutathione and vitamin C

  • Lightening mask

  • Massage

Natural Model

Natural Underarm Lightening Treatment

Targeted professional treatment to lighten and brighten sensitive underarm skin. If you have been struggling unsightly discolouration of the underarms,  it's time to feel confident in sleeveless tops again!

Our Underarm Lightening Treatment Includes:


  • Diamond microdermabrasion

  • Needle-less mesotherapy with glutathione

  • MelaLight renewal peel

  • Lightening mask

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Skin Lightening Renewal Treatments

For Natural Skin Brightening & Healthy Glow

Renewal treatments provide a deeper exfoliation than a medical facial, yet don't have lengthy downtimes. These treatments act at different depth levels both on dermis and epidermis to provide skin with more elasticity, luminosity, and an even tone and texture. Choose from 3 types to suit your skin's unique needs:⁠

Skin Lightening Renewal Treatment Benefits: 

  • Reduces stubborn pigmentation

  • Treats sun spots

  • Treats melasma

  • Provides skin regeneration

  • Anti-aging

  • Natural Skin brightening & glow

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