Renewal treatments provide a deeper exfoliation than a medical facial, yet don't have lengthy downtimes. These treatments act at different depth levels both on dermis and epidermis to provide skin with more elasticity, luminosity, and an even tone and texture. Choose from 3 types to suit your skin's unique needs:⁠

Brighten & Glow Treatment | $180

This powerful yet gentle treatment reduces stubborn pigmentation, sun spots, and melasma. Provides skin regeneration, brightening, and a fresh, youthful glow. The Glow Peel is a multipurpose resurfacing treatment that combines the powers of salicylic acid (7%), lactic acid (7%), resorcinol (7%) to improve the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation with less downtime.

Power Glow Treatment | $250

The Power Glow contains the same ingredients as the Brighten & Glow Peel, but at more potent quantities—14% salicylic acid, 14% lactic acid, and 14% resorcinol. The Power Glow Peel is able to tackle a range of skin concerns including fine lines, large pores, problems with texture and pigmentation, and sun damage. It’s the perfect peel for patients looking to restore their skin’s natural brightness and glow.⁠


Crystal Clear Acne Treatment | $180

This powerful treatment exfoliates deep down into the pore to block blemishes before they emerge. Clears clogged pores, normalizes oil production, reduces acne scarring and dark spots. Combines the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) lactic acid with the beta hydroxy acid (BHA) salicylic acid for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect.


Not sure which one is right for you? Come in for a complimentary Skin Analysis and Consultation with our Skin Therapist!