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Toronto’s Most Holistic Weight Loss Program

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Guided Weight Loss Makes All the Difference

Our guided holistic weight loss program in Toronto includes both guidance from a naturopathic doctor as well as high-tech weight loss tools, like IV therapy for weight loss. One of the hardest things about setting out on a weight loss journey is finding the right advice – and the stamina to stick to it. And if your metabolism, hormones, or thyroid are working against you, you may just be climbing a mountain you don’t need to climb.

Our Holistic Weight Loss Program in Toronto Includes:

  • Health assessments by a Naturopathic Doctor

  • A 1-week comprehensive detoxification program

  • Weekly weight check-ups

  • Measurements and body composition at start and end of the program

  • Slim shots/lipotropic injections

  • Healthy eating recipe & plan

  • Exercise program

  • Professional supplement suggestions

Several Packages to Fit Your Goals

Obviously, the greater your goal, the more time it’ll take. We’re here to support you with several different packages for holistic weight loss in Toronto. Our starting plan includes 3-weeks of guidance. Our most advanced packages include 10 weeks of full service.

Specialized Testing May Be Required

During your health assessment, the doctor may identify certain roadblocks, such as thyroid or hormonal issues that may be preventing you from maximizing your weight-loss potential. Accordingly, you may be recommended to undergo some specialty tests.

Recommended Specialty Testing:

  • Full thyroid panel

  • Saliva hormone assessment

  • Food sensitivity testing

Lasting Weight Loss Benefits

Our holistic weight loss program will help you sustain your weight loss. No more yo-yo diets or fads. This is a lifestyle change that will provide you with lasting holistic weight loss and benefits. Call us to learn more about Toronto’s best holistic Weight Loss Programs!

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