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IV Vitamin Therapy for Athletic Performance

Up Your Game with IV Therapy

IV Vitamin therapy for athletic performance is growing more and more popular, with the wide range of supercharging benefits it affords. The anecdotal evidence is high, supporting the push for athletes of all ranges to supplement their routines with IV therapy. We see a fair share of athletes ourselves, in our downtown Toronto clinic.

Many marathons are offering IV treatments, so runners get hydration and electrolytes delivered directly into their bloodstream. This is much more efficient than waiting for the digestive system to process fluids and nutrients. Many endurance events also utilize IV drip stations

What Happens to Your Body with Endurance Sports

During endurance sports, the body undergoes an intensive, exhausting experience:

  • Muscles are pushed to their limits, lighting damaging cells and tissues

  • Blood flow is directed towards the muscles and away from the digestive system

  • Sweat is produced to cool the body, consuming water and electrolytes

After 90 minutes or more of Endurance Sports:

  • Soreness & inflammation come from the body’s attempts to heal the microscopic tears in muscle tissueThe stress hormone cortisol is released, which affects the immune system

  • Reduced blood flow hydration can temporarily disrupt normal kidney function

How IV Therapy Helps Athletes

IV therapy benefits:

  • Increased stamina, energy and performance

  • Significantly decreases down time after training

  • Aids in recovery from injuries

How it IV Therapy for Athletes Works:

  • Vitamin C helps improve collagen formation

  • Amino acids to repair and rebuild stronger muscles and ligaments.

  • Calcium, magnesium and other minerals help minimize muscle cramping and fatigue

  • Sodium, potassium, chloride and bicarbonate restore electrolyte balance often disrupted from prolonged sweating

  • Glutathione, the master antioxidant targets inflammation

  • B vitamins restore your energy levels, so you can resume the activities you enjoy faster

IV Therapy in Downtown Toronto

IV vitamin therapy is not just for athletes! Everyone can use the extra boost of nourishment and energy this treatment provides. Check out our downtown Toronto IV therapy drips, and see what works best for you!

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