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Is IV Therapy Worth It?

Intravenous IV Infusion Vs. Oral Supplementation

Most people who are unfamiliar with intravenous IV therapy wonder why someone would opt for an Intravenous IV Infusion over simply popping a pill or capsule. After all, it’s cheaper and less time consuming to take oral supplements. Why would you invest your time and money in an IV therapy treatment? Is IV therapy worth it?

The answer all boils down to one crucial aspect: absorption.

Oral Supplementation Issues

The issue with oral supplementation is the body has to go through a lot of work to move the vitamins and nutrients into your bloodstream. Far too often, this process proves inefficient, as much of the nutrients are not absorbed.

Unless you are taking liposomal supplements, oral supplements have a very hard time crossing from your small intestine into your blood stream. This is further complicated by the “transport” stations that are like border crossing from your gut to your blood. Here, vitamins have to line up and compete with one another for priority placement. On top of all this, the transporter molecules themselves can be impacted by a wide range of dietary and lifestyle factors that impact just how well they absorb the vitamins.

Compromised Intestinal Lining Due to Lifestyle and Health Issues

The cells lining the intestinal tract, which carry out the function of transporting vitamins and nutrients, have to be healthy and intact for proper absorption of vitamins to occur.

Seven factors that influence the integrity and function of the intestinal lining include:

  1. Stress

  2. Alcohol consumption

  3. Prescription Medications

  4. Infections

  5. Inflammation

  6. Leaky gut

  7. Smoking

Pros & Cons of Oral Supplementation


  • Cheaper

  • Can be taken wherever you are


  • Dependent on crossing the intestinal lining into the circulation in order to be absorbed

  • Absorption is dependent on an intact intestinal lining which can be easily damaged by stress, alcohol, infections and medications

  • Reliant on specific transporters for each vitamin which are sensitive to alcohol use and are “competitive” as several vitamins try to use the same transporter.

  • Slow to work: it takes a long time to feel their effects - if effects ever do take place

IV Infusions = 100% Absorption

An intravenous IV infusion provides 100% of each vitamin, nutrient or mineral directly into your blood stream. IV therapy treatments flood your cells directly with abundant doses of nourishing vitamins and nutrients. Absorption through the gut is completely bypassed! Mega-doses of the nutrients you need to heal are delivered right where they need to go. And all this happens immediately.

Pros and Cons of IV Therapy


  • Free of absorption issues - They bypass digestive system completely making them immediately 100% bioavailable to you

  • Able to deliver much higher concentrations of nourishing vitamins

  • Can fully relieve many health and beauty issues that are caused by vitamin deficiencies

  • Cause an immediate impact on how you look and feel

  • Naturopathic doctors access exactly how much you need and make sure you get it during your treatment


  • More expensive

  • Must be administered at an IV clinic

IV Infusions for Your Ultimate Health Benefit

As with all healthy choices, IV therapy is an investment -- but a totally worthwhile investment. If you want to make sure nutrients and vitamins are properly absorbed in your system, so you can perform at your peak, make sure to speak to a naturopath about IV drip therapy treatments.

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