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IV Therapy Benefits Await You

Many patients turn to our downtown Toronto naturopathic and IV therapy clinic hoping to get the benefits of certain supplements and vitamins. For example, glutathione is a powerful detoxifying agent as well as a skin-whitening agent. But too often, a fear of needles stunts their health and wellness journey. For example, although we do have several glutathione supplements and treatments, the most effective way to get the supplement activated is through a glutathione IV drip. With all the benefits of IV therapy, we strongly recommend that those with needle phobia address their fears.

The Source of Needle-Phobia

The fear of injectable treatments can both be psychological (mental) or physiological (physical).

Physiological fears often come when your veins may be hard to pin down. You may have been told you’ve got “rolling” or “slippery” veins. This may lead to multiple pricks before a practitioner can successfully reach your vein – which can cause needle-phobia.

Psychological fears may stem from ancient survival adaptations. Our ancestors knew that a dirty prick, however small, could prove deadly. Even the tiniest cut or abrasion left unwashed would let in germs, leading to infection and death. Thus, some researchers believe a fear of needles may simply be ingrained in our DNA.

9 Tips To Overcome Needle-Phobia

Whatever the source of your needle-phobia, these tips should help you overcome your fear of needles.

1. Use Relaxation Techniques

We can help you try one of these techniques:

  • Deep-breathing techniques

  • Visualization

  • Meditation

2. Share Fears with Your Health Practitioner

At Timeless Health Clinic, our caring staff would love to be informed if you have a fear of needles. We have several strategies to help you relax before being injected.


It’s the initial poke that most people fear. So, at Timeless Health Clinic, we use a topical numbing agent to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.

4. Don’t Look

Try looking away or closing your eyes while practicing breathing techniques.

5. Bring a Friend

Schedule your IV therapy appointment with a friend who doesn't fear needles. Ask your friend to go first and watch their reaction.

6. Reframe your thoughts

Rather than focusing on momentary pain, focus on the positive effects of the IV therapy treatment, which last much longer.

7. Tense your muscles

If needles make you faint, your blood pressure and heart rate may rise, then fall suddenly from the sight of a syringe, causing lightheadedness. Tensing muscles of the legs, arms, and abs help raise blood pressure so you won’t feel the pressure to faint.

8. Exposure Therapy

If your fear is very strong, start by viewing pictures or videos of needles and progress to watching someone else get a shot.

9. Professional Therapy Sessions

If there’s something deeper behind your fear, professional therapy, including cognitive behavior therapy, can be very useful. After all, needles are something most everyone must face in their journey to protect their health.

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