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Healthy Weight Loss Program

In today’s society, many of us struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The obesity epidemic in combination with our constant goal to appear healthy has sparked an unprecedented number of fad diets and programs promising to help you achieve “the perfect body.” Unfortunately, most of these trends are expensive, ineffective and can frequently lead to poor health, yo-yo dieting, and diminished self-esteem. Because your health is our priority, we have developed our Weight Loss Program with your health in mind. 

At Timeless Health Clinic we take the focus off ‘dieting' and help you create a lifestyle that is healthy, fun, and sustainable instead. This program is specifically designed for weight reduction and management for the long term. Our Naturopathic Doctors will address any underlying health concerns such as thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, and help you manage your weight successfully through nutritional and lifestyle counseling, custom exercise program, and assessment of various environmental factors. This program includes a thorough medical history and full assessment, saliva and blood testing, mental/emotional support and counseling, acupuncture, clinical hypnotherapy, nutritional and exercise programs, supplementation, and injection therapies.

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