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Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

To read Dr. Deshko's full article on IV Therapy appearing in Vitality Magazine

iv vitamin therapy
What it is: Vitamins and minerals are essential to the normal functioning of our bodies. They are necessary for our growth, vitality, and general well-being. They are involved in regulating metabolism, help convert carbohydrates into energy, and assist in forming soft tissue and bone. Usually we can get the right nutrients through our diet, however, sometimes even a great diet may not translate to proper nutrition at the cellular level. There can be many causes of this which may include: poor digestion, food sensitivities, chronic inflammation, poor immune function, or chronic illness. Intravenous therapy (I.V.) involves the administration of nutrients in high concentrations to rapidly aid cellular healing. Normally cells in the digestive tract facilitate the absorption of nutrients, however, in I.V. therapy, the digestive tract is bypassed with the direct infusion into the bloodstream. This allows the cells to rapidly obtain the nutrients needed to repair and regain strength.

Recommended for: I.V. therapy can be effective in many situations. It is often used for integrated cancer care using high doses of vitamin C.This has been shown to be preferentially cytotoxic (destructive) to tumour cells while sparing healthy tissue.

Depending on the specific combination of ingredients, IV therapy can also be beneficial for: autoimmune diseases, migraines, detoxification, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, macular degeneration, depression, and malnutrition. It can even be used periodically in healthy people to enhance overall well-being. When our cells are given the nutrients they need, they will be able to function properly and thus allow the restoration of our body’s inherent healing mechanisms.
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Timeless Health Clinic offers numerous Intravenous Therapies, talk to us today to find which may be right for you!

Safety: Intravenous vitamin and mineral treatment has been used safely by physicians for several decades. All the components of the solution are compounds natural to the body and generally pose no health risks. Your Naturopathic Doctor will conduct a thorough assessment prior to any therapy to ensure that this treatment is safe and indicated for you.