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Detox IV

In the modern world, we are constantly awash with toxic substances through food and our environment. To increase the potential for optimal health maximizing the body's detoxification pathways is an essential step in disease prevention.

Whether you are a seasoned detox devotee or a detox novice, this specially formulated IV treatment will help support your organs of elimination. This treatment contains powerhouse ingredients such as Vitamin C, N-acetylcysteine, glutathione, selenium and B-vitamins to help you achieve a quick, safe, and effective detox.

The Detox IV is highly recommended as part of a comprehensive detoxification program to help eliminate heavy metals and other toxic elements. This IV drip is also frequently utilized after a mercury amalgam removal dental procedure to bind any residual toxins.

Fun Fact: In Hollywood, this treatment is also known as the "Party Girl Drip", popular with celebrities and partiers alike for its hangover curing, hydrating, and energy boosting effects.