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4 Key Wellness Tips

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Contrast Showering, Lemon Water, Magnesium IV Drips & More

It's never been more important to make sure you're on top of your wellness routines. Here are four easy to implement wellness tips that can boost your health.

  1. Contrast Showering

Shower with one minute of water as hot as you can handle followed by 30 seconds of water as cold as you can handle. Repeat this three times, ending with cold. It’s the difference in temperature that has the therapeutic benefit.

Contrast showers increase circulation, help remove toxins, stimulate lymphatic circulation which supports your immune system, and wakes you up!

2. Lemon Water in the Morning

Have you heard about the benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning? Here are the top 5 benefits of lemon water in the morning. Consider adding a glass with a squeeze of an organic lemon before breakfast.

6 Benefits of Lemon Water in the morning:⠀

  1. Boosts the Immune system - Lemons contain a good amount of vitamin C and potassium. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning gives the body a chance to absorb these vitamins effectively and can provide a little immune boost.⠀

  2. Reduces the Effect of Stress - Vitamin C is also good for the adrenal glands and can potentially help reduce the effects of stress.⠀

  3. Aids in Digestion - Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body.⠀

  4. Helps Detox Naturally - The liver is extremely active during sleep since this is the body’s time to restore and regenerate. Drinking lemon water especially in the morning, helps make sure that the body can perform these jobs most effectively. There is even some evidence that lemon juice can help stimulate proper stomach acid production and bile production.⠀

  5. Smoother, more glowing skin -⠀By helping flush the body and improve digestion, lemon water can lead to cleaner skin. It also contains vitamin C which is needed for collagen production for smooth, healthy skin.⠀

  6. Helps with weight loss - There is evidence that drinking water, especially lemon water, first thing in the morning can help maintain a healthy weight. Researchers in Germany found that drinking enough water increased metabolism.

3. Magnesium Supplementation

Magnesium is known as ‘nature’s tranquillizer due to its ability to calm both mind and body. ⁣⁣


Involved in over 600 enzymatic reactions, it has roles in energy production, bone health, muscle and nerve function, blood pressure regulation, protein synthesis and much more! ⁣⁣

However, the majority of the population is shockingly deficient in magnesium. According to World Health Organization statistics, as much as 75% of the U.S. adult population does not meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Recommended Daily Intake of 420 mg.


Top 10 signs you could be Deficient in Magnesium: ⁣⁣

1. Low energy⁣⁣

2. Headaches⁣⁣

3. Muscle cramps⁣⁣

4. Anxiety ⁣⁣

5. Constipation⁣⁣

6. Poor tolerance to stress ⁣⁣

7. Poor sleep⁣⁣

8. PMS⁣⁣

9. Depression⁣⁣

10. High blood pressure⁣⁣

Our IV Vitamin Drips can help replenish low magnesium levels quickly and safely so you can get back to feeling your best in a hurry

4. Cultivate Mindfulness

. Take a moment and try to ‘be’ in the moment – feel the sun and wind on your face and notice the air you breathe. It’s easy to get caught up in planning for the future or thinking about the past, instead of experiencing the present. Focus on being in the here and now. Make an effort to be aware of your inner and outer world.

And of course, a healthy diet is one of the most important foundations for any wellness routine. Cheers!

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