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The Perfect

Derma Peel

Skin-Lightening Peel Toronto


The Perfect Derma Glutathione Peel is a safe, effective medium depth chemical peel for all skin types and ethnicities. We are proud to be one of the few facilities in Toronto to offer this powerhouse hyperpigmentation treatment. The Perfect Derma Peel is our premier product and is the most advanced, effective medical-grade chemical peel available. 

The Perfect Derma Peel’s exclusive formulation provides superior results in treating many common skin concerns, including:

  • Aging skin, 

  • Acne

  • Melasma

  • Hyperpigmentation

Benefits of the Perfect Derma Peel:

The peel’s blend of acids, peptides and powerful antioxidants provide a wealth of benefits for the skin: 

  • Improves the overall clarity, tone, and texture of skin

  • Reduces or eliminates hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and melasma

  • Improves acne and reduces scars

  • Stimulates the production of collagen, resulting in firmer, more youthful skin

  • Reduces the appearance of pore size

*May also be used to treat body areas such as the chest, arms, hands, elbows, knees, feet and back.

Skin-Lightening Peel Secret Ingredient: Glutathione

The Perfect Derma Peel is the only peel that includes the ingredient glutathione, a strong antioxidant that is naturally produced by the body’s cells. Glutathione protects the body against destructive free radicals and harmful substances such as environmental pollutants. This provides the body with a wealth of health benefits including liver detoxification and hyperpigmentation treatment. Studies have shown that glutathione is also effective in fighting fine lines and wrinkles. This is due to glutathione’s strength as an antioxidant, making it a powerful defense against aging.

Melasma Peel Treatment

Melasma is a common skin condition that produces brown or gray-brown patches on the face, usually due to a hormonal imbalance. The Perfect Derma Peel combats melasma using its combination of glutathione and kojic acid.

Glutathione lightens skin by converting melanin to a lighter color and deactivating the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps produce the darker pigment. Kojic acid fights hyperpigmentation by decreasing melanin production. This effectively and naturally results in dark spot removal and a bright, even-toned complexion.


Ingredients:  TCA, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, Phenol, Glutathione and Vitamin C

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