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Pain Management Program

Although we usually think of pain with a negative connotation, it is really a vital protective mechanism. Pain is the body's natural alarm system that calls attention to problems requiring immediate care. But when pain lingers, it becomes a burden that follows you everywhere you go, severely impacting your daily functioning. Whether your pain arises from a physical injury or a disease process, or you do not wish to rely on pain medications, our Pain Management Program can help. 

This comprehensive treatment program understands and deals with your pain on not just physical, but also emotional and psychological levels. Our Naturopathic Doctors address your concerns by first identifying the cause of pain through physical examination, in depth questioning, and appropriate laboratory testing. The focus is then placed on correcting lifestyle factors that can trigger or intensify pain. Physical therapies such as acupuncturesoft tissue work, and joint manipulation are frequently used to address the root cause of the issue. Various other treatments such as botanical medicine, nutritional supplementation, intravenous therapy, and mesotherapy are employed to decrease inflammation and stimulate the body's inherent healing mechanisms. Throughout the treatment process, our Doctors will work with you to help you understand the psychological and emotional triggers, and learn self-help techniques to change the perception of pain for lasting relief.

Recommended for: Pain from various origins can be addressed through this program. Our Naturopathic Doctors routinely treat pain due to athletic and motor vehicle injuries, spinal disk herniations, sciatica, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines and other headaches.