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Natural Fertility Program

Many factors can contribute to a couple's infertility. These commonly include obesity, poor nutritionhigh toxic load, and chronic stress. All these factors can affect hormone regulation and reduce the ability to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Our Natural Fertility program is designed to help both partners improve their reproductive health. Our Naturopathic Doctors will explore all potentially contributing factors including lifestyle, diet, and hormone balance using a variety of diagnostic procedures including saliva hormone testing, natural fertility charting and blood work to fully understand where deficiencies or issues exist. Our Doctors will also help educate you on how to read and understand the your body’s fertility signs to optimize your chances of pregnancy success. This detailed information is utilized to construct an individualized treatment protocol consisting of acupuncture, diet and lifestyle modification, botanical medicine, appropriate supplementation, and intravenous therapies. Our Natural Fertility Program improves the overall health of both partners and maximizes the chances for pregnancy success.

Recommended for: This program is highly recommended for couples that are thinking of starting a family, have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully, or those who have suffered from multiple miscarriages. This program can also dramatically increase success rates for those undergoing IVF treatments.

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