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Detoxification Program

In the modern world, we are constantly awash with toxic substances through food and our environment. To increase the potential for optimal health, maximizing the body's detoxification pathways is an essential step in disease prevention. This is the reason why many people now complete annual or seasonal detoxification programs, in attempt to rid the body of harmful toxins. Many of these however include harsh dietary restrictions and unnecessary use of laxatives and other substances which may hinder rather than help.

Our Detoxification Program starts with a comprehensive analysis by one of our Naturopathic Doctors as well as specific laboratory testing along with a physical examination and symptom analysis to help determine your toxic load. Treatment plans vary depending on the severity of toxicity, but a foundation to detoxification is always a clean diet. Other therapeutic treatments include lifestyle counseling, dietary supplementation, hydrotherapy, botanical medicines, intravenous therapies and energetic healing to help you improve your detoxification process and get you one step closer to achieving optimal health.

Recommended for: Everyone looking to achieve optimal health and vitality can benefit from regular detoxification. Research has shown that high toxic loads and poor detoxification pathways in the body can greatly increase the risk of a number of chronic diseases including cancer, liver or kidney dysfunction, and depression. High levels of toxicity in the body can lead to many symptoms of poor health such as sleep disorders, fatigue, mental fuzziness, irritability, and poor sexual function. Let our licensed Naturopathic Doctors guide you through a safe and effective detox process.

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