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Integrative Medicine


All of our services are covered by most extended health insurance plans! 

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25 Wood St. Unit #1
(Lower Level)
Toronto, ON
M4Y 2P9


Helping you look and feel your best, naturally.

  • Naturopathic Medicine Toronto
  • Naturopathic Doctor Toronto
  • IV Vitamin Drip
    All Intravenous Therapies are customized for each patient
  • IV Vitamin Therapy Toronto
    Relax in our comfortable IV lounge while you receive your treatment.
  • Vitamin Supplements Toronto
    We carry a wide range of professional health supplements for your convenience
  • IV Therapy Toronto
    All treatments are administered by specially trained Naturopathic Doctors
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Botox Wrinkle Injection Toronto
    Mesotherapy- A natural anti-aging option

Timeless Health Clinic is a unique and modern healthcare facility in the heart of the Maples Complex in Downtown Toronto. Our team of Naturopathic Doctors and other healthcare providers ensures you get the very best in natural and integrative therapies. Our goal is to help you understand the root causes of your illness and educate you on the proper treatment and prevention of ailments. By listening and responding to your diverse needs we ensure a level of service above and beyond your expectations.

Timeless Health Clinic offers many cutting edge programs for various health concerns including: weight management, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal disorders, pain management, optimal health and prevention, as well as cancer care. Using the best in modern and integrative medicine, including innovative laboratory testing, our assessments and treatments complement one another in perfect harmony. We offer a full line of treatment options, with services offered in the fields of Naturopathic medicineacupunctureintravenous vitamin therapy and others. Our Naturopathic Doctors focus on truly individualized care ensuring you achieve your health goals quickly, safely, and effectively.